Academic visitors

The University of Leeds welcomes visitors from across the world to undertake a variety of academic activities, such as conducting research.

There are a number of visa options for visitors; eligibility depends on which activities will be undertaken.

Here you can find out the different types of visitor visa and their suitability.


Are you eligible?

Academic visitors are those individuals who wish to come to the UK on a research visit.  To apply for a UK visa as an academic visitor you must be an academic who is either:

  • On sabbatical leave from a Higher Education Institute (HEI) to carry out research, or,
  • Taking part in formal exchange arrangements with UK counterparts, or,
  • Coming to share knowledge or experience, or hold informal discussions with their UK counterparts, or,
  • Taking part in a single conference or seminar that is not a commercial or non-profit venture,
  • Be an eminent senior doctor or dentist taking part in research, teaching or clinical practice.

You must also evidence that you are working as an academic in an overseas HEI immediately prior to seeking entry to the UK.

Depending on your country of origin, you may not need to obtain an academic visitor visa but rather an invitation from the University of Leeds.

UK Visas and Immigration allows individuals to enter the UK as an academic visitor for a maximum of 12 months.  This maximum periods cannot be extended and academic visitors cannot switch into other immigration categories without leaving the UK first.

Academic visitors will not be employed the University of Leeds.