Arrival in the UK

If you are relocating internationally, the following section provides some useful tips and advice to make your arrival in the UK less stressful.



  • Carrying a copy of your job acceptance offer, degree certificates, reference letter from your bank, driving licence, passport and notes of the serial numbers of your traveller’s cheques in your hand luggage could be useful,
  • Apply for a National Insurance Number,
  • Apply for a UK Driver’s Licence, if required,
  • Register with the police, if required,
  • Register to vote in local and European elections if you are eligible.



  • Have some British Pounds (sterling) and/or traveller’s cheques with you on arrival.  Note that you can use your debit or credit card to withdraw pounds from the cash machines in the UK,
  • Open a UK bank account.  Note that banks will ask you to provide numerous documents.



  • Arrange to pay utility bills such as gas, electricity, water and council tax,
  • If you own a television you will need to get a television licence,
  • Arrange a telephone and internet connection,
  • Consider taking out home contents insurance to cover your possessions,
  • If you have a car you will need car tax, an MOT certificate (if your car is over three years old) and insurance.



  • Register with a local doctor in the area where you live,
  • Register with a dentist; note that you may need to join a waiting list,
  • If you are visitor from the European Economic Area or Switzerland apply for a European health insurance card as this will entitle you to state healthcare in EEA countries at a reduced cost or perhaps free of charge.



  • Arrange appropriate child care if needed,
  • Enrol your child in a school; note your child will not be offered a state school place until you are living in the UK and have a UK address,
  • Consider signing your child up to social events so get them socialising as soon as possible,
  • Apply for Child Tax Credits or Child Benefit if you are eligible.



You can arrive in the UK by air, sea or rail.  The transport section provides information on how to get to Leeds from most of the major transport hubs.