Here you can find general information about pensions in the UK in addition to University specific schemes and support.

State pension

The state pension is a regular payment people can claim from the government when they reach state pension age.  The amount you will receive depends on your National Insurance record.  To be eligible for a state pension you will usually have needed to pay ten years’ worth of National Insurance contributions.


University of Leeds pensions

As a member of our staff you have access to excellent pension benefits.  Which pension scheme you’re eligible to join will depend on your type of contract of employment.

UK legislation requires the University of Leeds to automatically enrol eligible employees into a pension scheme.  You can opt out of the scheme once you’ve been enrolled.

There are three main pension schemes offered to staff:

  • The Universities Superannuation Scheme (USS);
  • The University of Leeds Defined Contribution Plan (DC Plan);
  • The University of Leeds Pension and Assurance Scheme (PAS Care).

Additionally, some staff will be eligible to continue in the NHS pension scheme.

Payments into the pension plan will be automatically deducted from your wage.

To find out more please visit our pension’s web pages.