This section provides useful advice on removals and relocation expenses.



Whether you plan to bring all you possessions with you, or intend to be a little more selective, it is advisable to start your removals planning early.

The cost of moving depends on the method of transportation, distance, quantity and weight.

Our approved companies, offering national and international relocation support, are listed on our removal policy.  It is advisable to contact removal companies for a free quotation three to six months before your departure date.  This way, when you do decide to employ them, there is a much greater chance that they can move your possessions when you want them to.  Timing is important and if you get it wrong then you could be without your possessions long after you hoped.

If your moving dates have not quite matched up or you are simply not ready for the arrival of your processions you can keep them in storage.  Some companies can store your processions for as little as a week, a month, a year or for as long as you require; companies based in Leeds include:


Removal expenses

In some cases the University will contribute to removal expenses incurred by new members of Professorial and equivalent staff.

The University will contribute up to a maximum of £15,000; the exact amount will be negotiated at the time of appointment.

To see if you meet the qualifying criteria please read our relocation policy and seek clarification from your Faculty Human Resources contact.