Molecular Discovery

The elucidation of molecular mechanisms of pathogenesis remains an important challenge for many disciplines, requiring functional and structural information at a molecular level and, in turn, allowing the identification of potential therapeutic targets. Translating these discoveries to maximise the impact of our basic sciences entails the creation and validation of in vitro cellular models and pre-clinical animal models, pre-clinical pharmacology, as well as phenotyping and in vivo physiological studies in patients and first-in-man studies. These pathways are common across all our discipline areas of excellence where we aim to under-pin high quality translational research for patient benefit with world class basic and applied science. The Faculty of Medicine & Health has a broad range of excellence in basic biomedical research, with complementary expertise in other Faculties at the University and an outstanding track record in clinical and medical genetics, cardiovascular and musculoskeletal diseases and oral biology. The partnership between the University of Leeds and the Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust has led the sector in the development of clinical diagnostic testing based on next generation sequencing.

We would particularly welcome applicants seeking to enhance our capacity in structural biology with the Astbury Centre, Faculty of Biological Sciences, an internationally recognized centre of excellence. A focus on cross-Faculty and multidisciplinary collaborations will be a priority, as well as appointments that can maximize integration with our clinical facilities. Areas where we intend to appoint Fellows include: basic biomedical research across all our discipline areas, use of animal models to verify target and function; development of cell systems to investigate function; development of in vitro systems to verify target and function; identification of inhibitors of protein function and verification of target; pre-clinical pharmacology and capacity building our CRF portfolio. A focus on cross Faculty collaborations will be a priority, as well as appointments that can maximize integration with our clinical facilities.

We are looking to recruit a number of highly motivated individuals with excellent research profiles who are capable of developing and leading innovative research projects. The fellowships will appeal to a broad range of candidates from the biomedical and biological sciences, but focused on translating basic science discoveries to clinically relevant studies.

Applications are welcomed from clinically and non-clinically qualified applicants.

If you are clinically qualified these Fellowships provide an opportunity to develop on your existing academic experience and establish a clinical academic career.  The nature of individual clinical / academic workload profiles will be determined by your current level of specialist training and agreement with our local NHS organisations, with whom we work in close partnership. We actively encourage applications from specialty trainee level to those who already hold specialist registration.

University Grade 8 (£38,511 to £45,954)

For clinical academic posts remuneration will be on the appropriate clinical academic scale (dependent upon individual clinical experience / qualification and therefore the level of Honorary Clinical Contract). Details of University Clinical salary scales can be found at

For informal enquiries about the roles please contact Professor Colin A. Johnson, tel: +44 (0) 113 343 8443, email:, Professor Jen Kirkham, tel: +44 (0)113 343 6156, email: or Professor Robert Ariens, tel: +44 (0)113 343 7734, email:

For general enquiries, please contact Anthea Stanley, tel: +44 (0)113 206 7175, email:

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