In this section you’ll find information to help you keep in touch with the people most important to you.


Post office

The Post Office has a wide range of in store and online services that you may find useful, for example, you can:

  • Check how much it costs to send letters and parcels within the UK and overseas;
  • Check a postcode or address;
  • Purchase stamps and other postal supplies;
  • Use their identity and licences services;
  • Buy travel insurance.

To find your nearest Post Office use the Royal Mail branch locator.


Telephone codes

Dialling from the UK to the UK: Each area of the UK has its own individual dialling code.  The BT (British Telecom) website lists the code for each individual area.

Dialling from the UK to another country: Each country has its own international dialling code.  The Country Calling Codes website lists the international code for each country.

Dialling from outside the UK to the UK: Dial the international code for the UK (44) followed by the local area code (such as 0113 for Leeds) dropping the leading zero, for example, 113 followed by the remaining telephone number.  For example, 44 113 343 0518.


Mobile Phones

There are a number of mobile phone / cell phone service providers in the UK, offering a variety of contracts and payment schemes that you can tailor to suit your mobile phone usage.  There are three different types of tariffs to choose from:

  • Contract with handset: a monthly fee including a handset an inclusive allowance of minutes, texts and data.  Prices range from £20 per month (2016), depending on the model of your phone and your inclusive allowance,
  • Sim-only contract: 30-day rolling contracts, or long term fixed term contracts; you need your own handset.  Prices range from £10 per month (2016);
  • Pay-as-you-go: no contracts, you pay in advance for what you use via top-ups, either online or on the phone; you need your own handset.  Prices range from £10 per month (2016).

Popular providers include O2, EE and Vodaphone.  Comparison tools and advice sites can help you to get the best deal, for example, USwitch and Citizens Advice.

Note there is a variety of mobile applications to help keep the cost down when calling abroad, for example, Skype, Viber and Whatsapp.



Free Wi-Fi is available on our campus, at Leeds central library, on Millennium Square and in numerous bars, restaurants and shopping centres.

You can find a number of internet cafes in and around Leeds; you can find your nearest cafe on Yell.

It is relatively easy to set up Wi-Fi in your home on your own if you need to, USwitch will talk you through the major broadband providers and help you find a suitable service for your Internet needs.

Some landlords may provide Wi-Fi in rented accommodation.